Boys And Girls - Will.I.Am feat. Pia Mia
We get fucked up way before the party
Turnt up, hotel lobby
Fast life like a Ducati
Spending money like I'm from Saudi
Bagging bitches with the bad bodies
See me cooling with the black barbies
I got brain cause she a smarty
And now I'm feeling like la-di-da-di

Wait a second, wait a minute
I don't think you're ready for it
Party like a pro, baby, I don't gotta train for it
Drinking all the liquor, and I ain't even paying for it
Any second, any minute, we about to sing the chs

The girls wanna play with boys
And the boys wanna play with girls
And the girls wanna play with girls
Boys wanna play with boys
So boy, don't you love this world?

Baby, we don't stop, and we don't quit
In the club like we the shit
Too motherfucking legit
Up in this bitch and we so lit
Oh my God, oh my goodness
Feel good, cause I'm sipping on good shit
Two drinks, got two fists
Three chicks, got two, four, six tits

Wait a second, wait a minute
Take you to the next level
Turn up the bass, turn up the tre-treble
Party like an animal, party like a re-rebel
Any second, any minute, we about to get in trouble

All I wanna do
Turn up, that's all I wanna do
Drink up (more), drink two
Repeat like it's deja vu
Stay lit, that's all I wanna do
So high, got a wonderful view
I stay so fly, I flew
Yeah, baby, no lie, that's e
Yeah, baby, I'm cool like
Damn, baby, I'm cool like
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