How I Need You - Bad Boys Blue
How i Need You

I want you. Now and forever. (Girl: Then why did you do it?) I'll miss
You. Now that you're gone.
(Girl: I'm not the type of girl you mess around with.) I just called to
Say. I really love you.
(Girl: You should have thought about it before.) And girl, I do regret.
Every single word that I said.


The night is so empty without you. And lonely, it's falling upon my mind.
I'm trying to touch you in my dreams.
My heart is crying, baby. Oh, how I need you. Oh, how I need you.

I'm waiting. Every night time. (Girl: My nights have been so lonely since
You've been gone.) I kiss you, and hold you tight.
(Girl: I dream about this feeling every night.) What I mean is, girl, I'm
Really changed now. (Girl: I'd really love to believe in you.)
I swear to you I do. Girl, I never made you blue.

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